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How to choose a good name and why “The Tendjee” is a bad name

I was reading an article on Guy kawazaki’s blog a few months ago (back then when I was in Bangkok), and it was really useful tips. Here are those I remember:

1)  Choose a name which allows growth of the business: If you are a travel agency, don’t pick a name which would categorize it. If you are creating a travel agency don’t pick the name: hotel booking. You might do flight booking as well… The same applies for location (Paris networking for a cable company won’t fit if you go global)

2) Pick a name easy to pronounce in every language and which won’t sound like a swear word in another country. It’s not easy to make sure but a name like Itili is quite sure to be fine in any country.

I’m discussing Oracle and opening up to the whole Oracle world. I was developing Oracle 10g RDBMS in all our business units in Asia and decided to create The Tendjee which back then sounded like a pretty clever move. Problem is: databases live about 2-3 years only in the Oracle world. So this name should be obsolete in the coming years. The new DB is 11i already…

I suppose this name will remain like a milestone, witness of the time where I started writing about Oracle. But I’ll have to make it clear by one way or another that this blog name doesn’t state what’s being discussed here…