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My RMAN tip of the week #1

How to run an RMAN script with windows scheduler?

Create a .rcv file and run it in a batch file.

 Let’s consider we got the following in a script called 10gbackup.rcv

 backup database plus archivelog not backed up 1 times;

we can then call the .rcv file in a batch file called scheduler.bat with the following line

set oracle_sid=MYDBSID

rman target / cmdfile D:\my\script\location\10gbackup.rcv log d:\my\log\location\somelogfilename.log

All that’s left to do is schedule it the normal way.

This is useful in the event where DBCONSOLE service is not working and the backup is scheduled using Oracle Enterprise Manager. When this service fails, then the backups stop working.

It’s always goot to have a fail safe.