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How to choose a good name and why “The Tendjee” is a bad name

I was reading an article on Guy kawazaki’s blog a few months ago (back then when I was in Bangkok), and it was really useful tips. Here are those I remember:

1)  Choose a name which allows growth of the business: If you are a travel agency, don’t pick a name which would categorize it. If you are creating a travel agency don’t pick the name: hotel booking. You might do flight booking as well… The same applies for location (Paris networking for a cable company won’t fit if you go global)

2) Pick a name easy to pronounce in every language and which won’t sound like a swear word in another country. It’s not easy to make sure but a name like Itili is quite sure to be fine in any country.

I’m discussing Oracle and opening up to the whole Oracle world. I was developing Oracle 10g RDBMS in all our business units in Asia and decided to create The Tendjee which back then sounded like a pretty clever move. Problem is: databases live about 2-3 years only in the Oracle world. So this name should be obsolete in the coming years. The new DB is 11i already…

I suppose this name will remain like a milestone, witness of the time where I started writing about Oracle. But I’ll have to make it clear by one way or another that this blog name doesn’t state what’s being discussed here…


French speaking Oracle User group

I am now a member of the AUFO (Association des Utilisateurs Francophone d’Oracle) which is the user group of Oracle Products.

So from time to time I will keep then english world in touch on this blog with thoughts and changes occuring in Paris with Oracle.

This is really great because our discussion and presentations are then sent to Oracle for new ideas. This is new for me and it’s really cool.

I have been to a meeting last friday discussing archiving of data, its problematic and some solution. I haven’t push the idea further but I think there’s even more to discuss about on this subject.

The next post will be about archiving : )


Oracle Database 10g Utilities

I was going through Oracle Techology Network (otn) and found this:  Oracle Database 10g Utilities.

That is a great ressource for everything new in Oracle 10g. I think I know what I’m going to do this week-end.

I mean… Over than installing Linux Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon on my new hard disk after the previous disk failed.


The world was shouting out loud for some explanations on ORA-12514

I was having a look at my blog stats today and it seems that most of the traffic I got from search engines are triggered by ORA-12514…

Just a simple look at the following table, coming straight from the stats:

ORA-12514 23
ora-12514 13
ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not current 5
dbsnmp password 3
TNS:listener does not currently know of 3
DG_BROKER_START=true scope=both; 2

That’s 78% of the search on this blog.

So what I’m going to do, instead of just a solution to ORA-12514, is a detailed explanation of how connectivity works with Oracle: Listener, sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora

I’ll also include some basic best practices as well. All that with as few difficult words as possible and as many simple words as possible.

I don’t pretend to be an Oracle guru but I would be really happy to provide my small piece of work to the greatest community online.

Soon. On this blog…


2 cool blogs

One blog that I’ve been reading avidly recently is Guy Kawasaki’s blog.

Another one is Presentation Zen.

I found the second one on the first one.

Guy Kawasaki is a former Apple Executive who talks about… Well I guess we can call it best practise. And it’s fun to read.

Presentation Zen study the art of presenting powerpoints. From the time where it’s done to the time when it’s told to an audiance. He uses the eye of a microscope to study famous presentation styles plus some other goodies.

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