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Where are we?

I’ve added a new feature to this blog.

If you don’t mind scrolling down a little bit, you will find a map in the right column.

My readers are now able to tell me where they are reading me.

The map starts in Bangkok, Thailand by default because that’s where I am right now.
I will change it to Paris next month when I will move  there.

Feel free to click on this map, add yourself.

I will be happy to know who is reading me and from where.


Have you paid a visit to the Oracle Wiki yet?

Oracle wiki is out since a few weeks only.

It’s all new and shiny! This is going to be very exciting.

Have you added your contribution yet? There’s a whole new ground to cover here!
As long as the rules are followed that is.

What is not quite clear for me yet is what is expected to be seen there?
I’ve got that funny feeling that I have a lot to say but no idea if it fits what is expected…

If it’s technical then there’s OTN.
If it’s trouble then there’s metalink.

What is Oracle wiki?

The site tells us:

«5. How does the Oracle Wiki complement Oracle’s corporate Web site and the Oracle Technology Network Web site?
The aforementioned sites, although they do contain community-derived content, primarily contain information provided by Oracle, and it’s structured the way we like it. The Oracle Wiki complements this official content with that generated completely out of the community–think of it as a free-form “Oracle parallel universe” built by customers and partners.»

What I understand is: Whatever you like and the way you like. If it doesn’t fit the general approbation, the community will quickly bring you back into its reality.

I’m waiting a bit to see what’s going on there then I’ll start doing some work.


Finding my way

This is a new blog and like for any new blog, the author tries to find his line.

Since I’m in Thailand I guess this blog will get a little Thai oriented from time to time. How does Oracle 10g can be Thai oriented?

Well, there are trends. It’s not really Oracle 10g that will be thai oriented but discussions involving Oracle at large. So, sometimes it will be about what to watch out when you are in Thailand.

Also there are not much Oracle DBAs out there. So I hope this blog will enlighten a little bit on the way things can be sorted out in Thailand.


Welcome to The Tendjee

It might not be obvious at first sight but this blog is about Oracle. Yes. Oracle 10g. I just want to make some geek brain produce some brain juice here.

What are we going to talk about? Things I like.

Administration , Security, Tuning, and Issues, Tips. From that point it’s not quite clear yet but I’m pretty sure this blog will get an identity of its own as the writing goes by.

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