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I’m moving to Paris

Hi fellow Thetendjee readers.

Today, no 10g stuff but a personal news.

I’m leaving Bangkok, Thailand to go to Paris, France.
I will be landing there on 23rd of December.

The position is Senior DBA at Mondial Assistance Group.
I will be working with much more databases on different versions (9i and 10g) and with different systems.
It will be primarily SUN.
I’m really happy and excited about this new position.
I will have the chance to move around Europe as well because I’m in charge of Oracle databases for our Business Units in Europe.
More databases, more systems, more responsabilities and more experience –> Ultimately more to write on this blog!

I will have the opportunity to polish my *nix scripting skills.

I have had a great time in Thailand and I want to stress to anybody reading this that working in Thailand is an awesome experience.
If you ever got a chance to go work there, don’t think twice.


Where are we?

I’ve added a new feature to this blog.

If you don’t mind scrolling down a little bit, you will find a map in the right column.

My readers are now able to tell me where they are reading me.

The map starts in Bangkok, Thailand by default because that’s where I am right now.
I will change it to Paris next month when I will moveĀ  there.

Feel free to click on this map, add yourself.

I will be happy to know who is reading me and from where.