Put a password to that Listener

The oracle listener can be the object of attacks from someone willing to take control of the database.

Putting a password on the listener is easy so let’s get at it.

Open a console:



If you got some instances described then this is your current listener. The default name is listener and a potential hacker is well aware of that.

It’s good to create the listener with a different name.

If you don’t know your listener’s name, go to the services and look for OracleListenerSomelistenername. Your listener name is Somelistenername.

LSNRCTL>change_password Somelistenername

old password: There was nothing so we just press enter.

new password: Agoodpassword

retype new password: Agoodpassword


The save_config command will add the password encrypted in the listener.ora file located in ORACLE_HOME\NETWORK\Admin

If that command haven’t been performed then no password have been added.

Tips, courtesy of caffeine-addict who should recognize himself if he walks by


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