Make Oracle work with a local username on windows

Peole working on a windows domain gets used to having their username/password everywhere they go.

And the reflexe when installing Oracle on a windows server might be to prepare a user on the domain for Oracle. Or worst, use a domain administrator privileged user to install Oracle.Well it’s not the best idea.

It’s best to create a local user. Call that user oracle to make things simple and assign it to your ORA_DBA group.

The ORA_DBA group is a local user group by the way.

This user will have local administrator privilege too in order to be able to install Oracle.

Also, go to control panel>Administration>Local Security Policy>Local Policies>Users Rights Assignment>Log on as a batch job.

Add your new Oracle user to the “Log on as a batch job” list. This is required for backups.

Why using a local oracle user?

With Oracle 10g, a DBA avoids a lot of problems by using a local user at backups time.
You will avoid remote connections to your database using tools like MMC.

It makes hacking your server a little less easy.

Watch out

Since the Oracle server is using a local user, all the domain security policies applied using windows directory won’t apply on a local user.

All the domain security policies must be applied locally.


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